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About Hensin

Since 2002, Shanghai Hensin have been specializing in providing premium ingredients for both food and pet food industry in domestic and overseas markets including South Korea, Japan, African etc.
15 years’ experience equipped us with expertise and good understanding of clients’ need from different countries. Our R&D network in domestic and Korea strongly support to develop creative, unique and tailor-made products to meet customers’ needs. Currently, our main products are natural palatability enhancer including  amino acid powder, hydrolysed chicken liver powder,hydrolysed shrimp powder,hydrolysed brewer’s yeast and natural flavor enhancer and seasonings including  HVP powder, yeast extract, mushroom extract, umami salt, boullion cube etc.
All our products are manufactured under strict quality management system based on ISO22000 which guarantee our customers a stable supply of high quality. Meanwhile we respond to customers’ requirement quickly and seriously, pay attention to all the details of every order to ensure our high quality service.