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Honey pomegranate tea

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2014/03/13 00:00
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Honey pomegranate tea, the selected Korean fresh picked pomegranate as raw material, is refined with unique formula of natural drink, not only retained the pomegranate fruit nutrition, more retain fragrance and color and luster, ruby red, the entrance of pomegranate fruit flavor and fresh, sweet, fascinating, the most important of all, drink much more beautiful oh ~ Koreans before drinking the tea, like make tea floating on the surface of a few pieces of rose petals and pine seed, it attractive, more tasteful interest!

Pomegranate juice is much taller than green tea polyphone content, is a super star, anti-aging and prevention and treatment of cancer in a majority of breast cancer cells rely on female estrogen has toxicity, but have no effect in most normal cells.

Israeli research proof, such as drinking 2 to 3 ounces of pomegranate juice a day, drink two weeks in a row, oxidation process can be slow down 40%, and can reduce the oxidation of cholesterol sedimentation. Even if stop drinking, this strange effect will continue for a month. Pomegranate juice in cardiovascular disease resistance on the clinical effect of unusual, is a kind of more effective than red wine, tomato juice, vitamin E and so on the oxidation of fruit juice.

Pomegranate containing estrogen can regulate physiological rather peculiar symptoms such as women, ancient Greece, India and China, in the remote ancient times treatment with pomegranate physiological and uterine bleeding symptoms or leucorrhoea peculiar to women. Pomegranate can supplement the female hormone, thereby increasing the charm of women. At the same time, the function of pomegranates and prevent women mental deterioration.