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Food additive is safer than we imagine

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2014/03/13 00:00
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   Rather than worry about food additives  to adjust diet structure

  It is understood that the current development of the world's total food additive has reached more than 14000 kinds, including direct use, there are more than 3000 varieties of more than 680 kinds of commonly used. Approved for use in our country at present there are about 2000 kinds of food additives, about 4000 kinds in the United States. Experts said, to some extent the public fears of food additives, because behind the food safety accidents, the public will mistake illegal additives is a food additive.

Almost all common foods have food additive

  Nearly 30 years in food safety research institute of food science and technology, hashing agricultural university professor Sun Zhi, says no food additives, no modern food industry. Now common food almost all food additives, such as jelly with pigment, essence and sweeteners, such as packaged foods with preservatives. The public familiar with the preservative, raising agent, essence, pigment belongs to food additives, light fragrance has more than 1000. Right amount add food additive is safe, but now some companies for profit added or excessive harmful substances. Such as Sudan red, melamine, lead to some food safety accidents, food additives, but cannot therefore take a stick to death. Enterprise illegal use of food additives, or beyond, ultra dose use of food additives, are important to food safety buried hidden trouble.

   No harm of food additives may be greater

   Nutritionists Gu said, food additive itself is harmless, use in food production, storage and other process is not only in order to make better food to eat. Despite a explained that not all food additives, such as pure milk, not so-called "preservative-free", "zero to add" food safer, because when it comes to food, antisepsis, without use of food additives, food the harm caused by improper storage may be more big. "The general public can be seen in public on market of food additives are safe." Despite a also said that some food additive is prohibited to use in a foreign country but can be used in home, this is used to decide according to national conditions, management and culture. Public is no need to worry about the problem of food additive, it can pay more attention to diet, nutrition, health and lifestyle issues.

   Reasonable use will make food better

   Don guan food drug administration food production supervision coco long Zhang Ji said, safety and rational use of food additives is no problem. Childhood home would homemade ketchup, for example, he said, but the process is complex, taste is not fit for the modern enterprise production qualified tomato sauce, modern tomato sauce added preservatives, stabilizers and seasoning, etc., to solve the prevent problems such as ketchup, metamorphism, layering, and taste, so food additives are not necessarily a bad thing. Chinese more than westerners "version" style, to all sorts of pattern such as the pursuit of a lot of food color, smell and taste, so food additives as long as reasonable use safely, but can make food for the better. But increased food safety incidents in recent years, national regulators should step up powerful supervision of the entire process of food production.

    Illegal additives is not the same as food additives

        Chairman of the Guangdong food additives, food industry association professional committee of the original Yang Guanfeng thinks, all blame for the problem of food safety in recent years the public "food additive" belongs to "less". Yang Guanfeng found: "in fact the vast majority of China's food safety events are not caused by food additives." Engaged in the study of nutrition medicine gu in and engaged in food safety research are also considered Sun Zhi, public confusion of illegal additives and the concept of food additives, food additives is food safety incident "implication". China agricultural university, associate professor of food science and nutrition engineering institute Zhu Yi pointed out that the notorious melamine, Sudan reclenbuterol illegally added, because with the "add" two words, the food additive to take the blame.