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Food alongside "children" higher social status, more delicate packing and additives

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2014/03/10 00:00
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Nowadays, in many large supermarkets, all kinds of children's food are more and more favored by the majority of parents. Recently, the reporter visited the city a lot of supermarkets found that part of children's food on the nutritional composition and ordinary adult food have no difference. Some in pursuit of taste, food additives, more, but the price is several times higher. Experts said, the country at present is no requirement for children's food and nutrition balance is the key.

The city several large supermarket food zone on a lot of food for the label "children", children soy sauce noodles, children honey, etc. Reporter random for some products are compared. On the packaging, children's food packaging than the ordinary food packaging more small, delicate, there are all kinds of cartoon characters on the package design. On the price, the children's food is much higher than ordinary food, but the nutritional value is same, some food even almost identical in terms of ingredients. A nearby restaurant on Bin Jiang Road supermarket shelves, some brand hand rolling egg noodles at a price of 7.3 Yuan/kg, children's egg noodles price 49.8 Yuan/kg. On the nutrition ingredient, ordinary egg noodles with the nutrition of children's eggs are exactly the same, only is there a difference in the shape of the outer packing and noodles, children on the surface of the egg package more elegant, some even use pallets, also more thin noodles, short some.

Reporter also found that many children's food taste to cater to children, is more than adult food additives, in a supermarket and a number of dairy products, the same brand of milk, ordinary pure milk additive species is far less than children's milk. Children milk besides contain ingredients such as sugar, glucose, also joined the edible flavor, sodium tripolyphosphate, aspartame and other additives. One consumer said, "Thought in the children's food additives will only buy less, who knows home only to find that after carefully studied the food ingredients, food than adults, children more than just flavor".

The personage inside course of study points out that at present our country do not have a specific children's food production permit system. Countries should raise barriers to entry, in production personnel, equipment and technology level, qualification and standard strictly, at the same time introduced the corresponding strict product standards and certification. Parents when children's food of choose and buy, not only depends on its name, more depends on its nutrition matching and source components, so-called "exclusive" children where food its "exclusive", thus to judge whether have meaning to buy.