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Different soy sauce in the market

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2019/04/26 10:48
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In the trading market, soy sauce is divided by production process, flavor, form, etc. the following are the common types.
soy sauce powdersoy sauce powder
1, dark soy sauce: this kind of soy sauce is added caramel so it looks dark. This type of soy sauce is used to cook meat, it will give the meat a brown color and make it looks more tasty.
2, light soy sauce: light soy sauce is made from soybean and starch, the proportion of them is 7:3. There are different brands of light soy sauce, but they have similar taste. Light soy sauce is used to cook vegetable. It also can be used to make vegetable salad.
3, mixed soy sauce: add some brown sugar, anise, pepper and other seasonings in soy sauce, heat it on soft fire and then add proper MSG after it’s cool, you will get mixed soy sauce. Mixed soy sauce is suitable for noodles, dumplings, etc.
4, white soy sauce: we also can call it chemical soy sauce, it is made from chemical materials such as HVP powder. It has white or very light color, it is used to cook light color food.
5, sweet soy sauce: made from soy bean and with sugar, salt, spices as ingredients. It has a red color and good smell, it tastes both salty and sweet. The usage of sweet soy sauce is similar to light soy sauce.
6, very fresh soy sauce: made from starch, soy bean, salt, caramel, etc. it’s characteristic is it’s fresh flavor, it is widely used in meat soup.
9, special flavor soy sauce: this kind of soy sauce contains a special flavor, like mushroom flavor, shrimp flavor and crab flavor.
8, soy sauce powder: it’s just soy sauce in powder form, it is used in snacks, biscuits, potato chips as a kind of food ingredients.