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Fish protein hydrolysate powder

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2021/10/05 20:08
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Fish protein hydrolysate (FPH) powder is a breakdown product of fish proteins containing smaller peptides and amino acids. FPH powder is obtained by treatment of fish protein by enzyme under controlled conditions of pH and temperature and spray dried by spray drier. The raw material is by product of surimi production from farmed silver carp.


With 50% min protein content in which glutamic acid accounts 7.0%, this fish protein hydrolysate powder provides a safe source of palatant for dog food, cat food and swine feed. With 30% min. fish oil content including rich ω-3 fatty acid, FPH powder promotes healthy coat and skin in dogs and cats with umami flavour. Besides, it also has other benifits.


  • Hypoallergenic ingredient choices for specialty pet needs
  • High levels of fatty acids to help stabilize fat by providing antioxidant activity
  • Labelling benefits
  • Human consumption quality
  • Increases muscle mass